Taking care of Girl needs

Taking care of Girl needs

Girls build the society and hence taking care of them is like taking care of ourselves. Understanding the importance of respecting the fairer gender is the most important task of Prabhodita, for achieving that task we have come up with several prerequisites, so that the girl child gets her long standing justice from the society: They are:

Awareness at different levels towards Child abuse, Safety and self defense/ good & bad touch;

With specific agenda filled with bunch of awareness programs, lectures, interactive sessions to sweep out the gender inequalities and ensure the safety and security of girls, eradicate child abuse, as danger bells have already struck and many heinous crimes are hitting the daily headlines.To develop the mindset of girls and boys, irrespective of the area they live in, in the right perspective, to make them more aware of their weaknesses and strengths

Adopting toilets of Selected Government schools / slum areas by providing toiletries

Collects sanitary napkins and diapers by deputing volunteers in the selected areas and conducts awareness camps towards widespread diseases by throwing them in the open areas and undesignated places. Installation of sanitary napkin destroyers at selected schools/colleges/areas.Provides toiletries for the hygiene of the girl child, so that they stay healthy and disease free life.

Construction of ramps/toilets to the special children

Attends to the special needs of students/ children, such as wheelchair provision, ramp construction, toilets seating arrangements in schools /colleges/hostels. Thus making life of the specially challenged more manageable and efficient. This need is always ignored in society and hence we decided to highlight it.

Awareness programs for parents/door-to-door campaigns

Brings environmental awareness, reasons for pollution, nature and diseases endangering not only the humankind but also the cattle, birds and animals at large. Undertakes door-to-door campaigns of collection and segregation of garbage from different areas, right from residential, commercial organizations and hospitals at large. Campaigns against vandalism at religious shrines, heritage monuments, Campaigns to form and follow 'Q' system etc.