About Us

Prabhodita is a non-profit, non-commercial, voluntary organization born out of intense desire to bring a remarkable change in the civilized life style of school students and children particularly and public in general.

Prabhodita chalked out defined programs for each activity to be carried out in a particular area, drawing required manpower & material, in realizing the main objective of the Society, spreading the slogan of
“ Clean mind, Clean Environment – the success mantra of healthy & civilized way of Living ”.

In this fast changing scenario of technological advancements and liberal access to social platforms, electronic gadgets, within the reach of common man's budget, which are meant to make communication faster, the Indian society has become very vulnerable, dangerously affecting the mindset of students from pre - school level, to the hard and indigestible substances due to lack of proper guidance, misusing, misunderstanding and misinterpreting and thereby deviating the core objective of the great inventions.

Prabhodita designed special programs, drawing expert advices, suggestions and revolutionary thoughts in the progressive process, focused and dedicated.

Prabhodita conducts awareness programs to youth and parents in the nearby villages regarding the availability of jobs, facts and myths in the process of selection of candidates against vacancies in government departments, notifications, eligibility criteria and invites attention from them to arrest deceitful people.


Our motive is to bring change in the society and make them understand the need of respect, discipline, hygiene, non discrimination, equality, national duties, role of citizen and moral values.


Our mission includes the following objectives:

  • Awareness to school/college students in the areas of hygiene, waste management, spitting, general behaviour and traffic rules
  • Taking care of Girl needs like hygiene, toilet needs, books, amenities like ramps and protection
  • Support to visually challenged girls

Some Good Causes

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